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Sarah Lucescu



Hilarious and lighthearted! And it’s clean!

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Podcasts | Improv

The first time we watched this movie, it had us all screaming (literally) in anxious anticipation with the film’s climax! It’s an awesome romcom for sure!

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The Lake House

Movies | Romance

A fun romcom that just makes me feel warm

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While You Were Sleeping

Movies | Comedy

Another one of my top 10 k-dramas! Full of twists and turns, and an insane first episode that could be an entire movie in of itself! So so SO good!

While You Were Sleeping imageWhile You Were Sleeping image

While You Were Sleeping

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

I watched season 7 with my mom, and we were hooked! It’s one of the best survival shows out there, because that’s exactly what they’re doing! It’s hardcore.

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Shows | Reality

My first ever historical k-drama, and it was the best decision ever to watch it! It’s sooooo amazing! Will not disappoint! #romance #comedy #drama #period_dramas

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100 Days My Prince

Shows | Comedy

One of my All time favorite k-dramas/shows! I’m actually rewatching it now!

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W: Two Worlds Apart

Shows | Drama

I used to watch this with my whole family every Sunday night! Loved it!

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Downton Abbey

Shows | Drama

Quickly became one of my favorite k-dramas! It’s so emotional and touching, and a great example of what it could be like living in a country like North Korea

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Crash Landing on You

Shows | Comedy

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