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Very interested to see where this goes! It's nice to see Steve Carrell in another serious role 👏 He does such a good job here. I love it so far and even though the episodes are kind of sort you get a lot out of them and it makes you want to know more

The Patient imageThe Patient image

The Patient

Shows | Drama

Was pretty interesting from the beginning but didn't expect it to get as deep as it did. I cried especially in the later episodes and it's rare to see friendships shown like this. I really enjoyed how the characters intertwine and it's a good watch! Also love Christina Applegate's acting

Dead to Me imageDead to Me image

Dead to Me

Shows | Comedy

A good, nostalgic show for when I need an easy watch and wanna get cozy and relax. Funny and cute

The Parkers imageThe Parkers image

The Parkers

Shows | Comedy

Really loved it! Seeing the original cast warmed my heart and it was cute and funny and great to see in theaters

Jurassic World Dominion imageJurassic World Dominion image

Jurassic World Dominion

Movies | Adventure

Currently binge watching! Such a nice, nostalgic show to put on after work to destress 😊

Sister, Sister imageSister, Sister image

Sister, Sister

Shows | Comedy

Another one of my guilty pleasure reality shows! It's a fun watch

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On imageThe Ultimatum: Marry or Move On image

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On

Shows | Reality

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