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There are a lot of arty, slice-of-life dramas out there, but where those fail, Burning Cane shines. It's one thing for a film to realistically portray rural poverty, but it's quite another for it to create fully realized characters with intertwining storylines.

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Burning Cane

Movies | Drama

This film is so much more than your average period romantic comedy. While it suffers from some of the tropes, Holiday is also intelligent and somewhat philisophical in nature. If you grew up in a quiet family and often felt like you were "too loud" for them, you will definitely relate to Hepburn's character

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Movies | Comedy

This Pixar film manages to be poigant without throwing you into an existential crisis. Personally, I often enjoy a good old-fashioned existential crisis, but there's still just enough meat to this movie to keep you engaged

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Movies | Animation

This is one of those rare series that really can be enjoyed by folks of all ages. I was first introduced to it via an ex, and got the chance to relive it when nannying a 5-year-old.

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Gravity Falls

Shows | Animation

Don't let its rocky first episode fool you; if you grew up during this period, I guarantee this series will send your brain reeling back to the late 70s (take that as you will)

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Freaks and Geeks

Shows | Comedy

Add Kumail Nanjiani to the list of comedians that are better dramatic actors than the dramatic actors

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The Big Sick

Movies | Comedy

Despite its nostalgic plot, this movie is buoyed by the writing of its main protagonists, who are flawed but thoroughly likeable

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Sleepless in Seattle

Movies | Comedy

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