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not that it was a particularly good film but it was freakin beautiful to look at 🥺🤤

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Dark Waters

Movies | Drama

yingluo is psycho i love her 🤕🤕 and queenie is so sweet girl and i would die for mingyu and all the men but hailancha are stupid (in the annoying man type of way)

Story of Yanxi Palace imageStory of Yanxi Palace image

Story of Yanxi Palace

Shows | Drama

twisting and turning and turbulations and (t)shock

Mistress imageMistress image


Shows | Drama

i watched it so many times cause i love it but i have no idea what happens

Terror in Resonance imageTerror in Resonance image

Terror in Resonance

Shows | Animation

the blueprint

Skins imageSkins image


Shows | Drama

it was a bad time in a good way

Baby imageBaby image



i love friends that love eachother and yi bangwon and woo dohwans sparkling gaze and seolhyun

My Country: The New Age imageMy Country: The New Age image

My Country: The New Age

Shows | Drama

why do i love highschool bullying concept so much

Solomon's Perjury imageSolomon's Perjury image

Solomon's Perjury

Shows | Mystery

victim oh jisoo is bully kim donghee ?? 🤕🤕

Extracurricular imageExtracurricular image


Shows | Drama

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