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Always looking for a good series to BW


Wednesday is back! A perfect combination between spookiness and dark humour with a pinch of drama and it keeps you in from start to finish. The cast is good, the storyline is great and the cinematography and effect are gorgeous. You will definitely enjoy it! (Can be great to binge watch with company)

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Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A very sad and disturbing story. At some point you cannot even believe that it is a true story and it happened in this same world we live in. Keeps getting darker and more twisted as it goes. A well done documentary and worth watching.

Girl in the Picture imageGirl in the Picture image

Girl in the Picture

Movies | Documentary

I have just finished season 2 and boy did i love it! Great storyline, very good acting, the setting is just gorgeous and the “dark comedy” is on point!

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Shows | Crime

Good build up for the characters (although it sometimes feels like nothing is happening). The graphics are on point as usual. The last episode made me super excited for season 2!

House of the Dragon imageHouse of the Dragon image

House of the Dragon

Shows | Drama

Good show. The build up is great and the dialogue is just perfect. I highly recommend it for people into cult shows.

Midnight Mass imageMidnight Mass image

Midnight Mass


I watched it in the theatre and i really enjoyed it, story wise it is not one of kind but it was interesting. The cinematography is great and the music goes well with each scene. Overall fun to watch.

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Black Adam

Movies | Action

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