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Scott K



Hilarious! Pesci is the perfect New York lawyer and Tomei almost outshines him as his put upon girlfriend.

My Cousin Vinny imageMy Cousin Vinny image

My Cousin Vinny

Movies | Comedy

While the CGI looks clunky by today's standards, it was filmed in an unfinished reactor cooling tank. The diving is real, the subs are real, great action movie.

The Abyss imageThe Abyss image

The Abyss

Movies | Adventure

A classic and the first of (at least) four post apocalyptic films.

Mad Max imageMad Max image

Mad Max

Movies | Adventure

Meh, it's okay. Too much Hollywood, not enough reality.

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Movies | Action

Smart, funny movie. Good for kids and adults who feel like they don't fit in.

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How to Train Your Dragon

Movies | Fantasy

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