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Second Chance



This show has all the aspects of wizards of Waverly Place. Each main kid character has the same first initial as WOWP kids. However, the show plotline gives a twist with all characters changing from bad to good. Just like Wowp, &Phil of the future, the best friend of the main character helps them with fitting in. Plus there is ton of character development.

The Villains of Valley View imageThe Villains of Valley View image

The Villains of Valley View

Shows | Comedy

Love this show. I am such a huge mystery fan. Crime shows are the best. If you are looking for a show where there is a bit of cussing then this is a show for you. I don't have a favorite character because all of them are amazing.

Only Murders in the Building imageOnly Murders in the Building image

Only Murders in the Building

Shows | Comedy

This show-- wait for it, is legendary. The lessons, and the meeting of the mother are my favorites. The ending was my least favorite. However, the friendship is genuine. This show will make you laugh and cry. Plus the mother is my favorite character besides Ted.

How I Met Your Mother imageHow I Met Your Mother image

How I Met Your Mother

Shows | Comedy

Love this show so much. I found it after watching atrevete a sonor. I won't compare the two but I love the story plot of this show. As for songs, I think there is a ton of repeats of the same song and I can't wait to see, Patitio's transformation.

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Patito Feo


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