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I was really wanting to get more info about tori & oliver , and i got a good amount ! I love how this book was literally one whole day & so much happened , very excited to read solitaire !

This Winter (A Heartstopper novella) imageThis Winter (A Heartstopper novella) image

This Winter (A Heartstopper novella)

Books | Alice Oseman

It was so good. It makes me so anxious because it really is a slow moving series. Highly recommend for my crime lovers out there. 200/10

Good Girl, Bad Blood imageGood Girl, Bad Blood image

Good Girl, Bad Blood

Books | Holly Jackson

There so much that’s good abt this series, 20/10!!! Reading the 3rd one ASAP

Heartstopper Volume 2 imageHeartstopper Volume 2 image

Heartstopper Volume 2

Books | Alice Oseman

It was so addicting . It was a very slow start at the beginning, but god was it so worth it . I love the books that make me think & try to solve the case as well. My guess ended up being right though :D such an amazing book , that I think i finished in a little less than a week . Starting the second one tmr , and i’m so excited . This book really helped me realize that I’d want to do what pippa does, solve a murder & everything else to give others deserved closure . 1000/10 <3

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder imageA Good Girl's Guide to Murder image

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

Books | Holly Jackson

I read this book twice & it will forever be my favorite book , as well as the book that i recommend to others . SO UNDERRATED .

My Heart and Other Black Holes imageMy Heart and Other Black Holes image

My Heart and Other Black Holes

Books | Jasmine Warga

It took me so long to finish but bc i loved how detailed the book is compared to the movie & i am the biggest hardin scott simp ever . I also loved comparing the movie & the book .

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Books | Anna Todd

I love to compare book series to the movie/show series , so I had a lot of fun comparing them & i overall just love to see charlie & nick be w/ each other , they really make me believe in true love more than before

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Books | Alice Oseman

I binged it in one day, so amazing on how the represented someone that started to question their sexuality & literally every subject was perfect.

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Shows | Drama

I loved how she took such a hard topic and made it into this amazing masterpiece. This book was so addicting I couldn’t put it down and i finished it in less that a week. I so so so recommend this if you’re in a reading slump or need a new rec.

The Way I Used to Be imageThe Way I Used to Be image

The Way I Used to Be

Books | Amber Smith

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