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All i got to say is HOW DARE NETFLIX CANCEL THIS BUNDLE OF EMOTIONS DURING ITS YOUTH. Its life was cut so short cause the views early on was too short if they just gave it a bit more time...

Everything Sucks! imageEverything Sucks! image

Everything Sucks!

Shows | Drama

Idk, this is just one of my favorite disney movies cant really explain why i just enjoy it.

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Movies | Animation

I wouldnt really reccomend this for people getting into to anime. I mean its a good anime just the plots kinda rushed during the first season, and relationships/character development is kinda wonky. However if your just watching anime for the battles this has some nice ones. Would recommend skipping season 2 or at keast watch with headphones while no ones around cause it has some disturbing scenes, cant review season 3 cause I havent watched it all but it also has somed screwed up stuff lol.

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Sword Art Online


Great story, unexpected toneshift that makes ot great tho.

The Devil Is a Part-Timer! imageThe Devil Is a Part-Timer! image

The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

Shows | Action & Adventure

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