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theres absolutely no question about it, Girl, Interrupted is *the* movie. it's one of very few memoirs to be genuinely interesting to such a wide audience. winona never fails to perfectly pull off crazy, and in a way, it makes me hold one question; what the **** is wrong with her? anyways, i think Girl, Interrupted is heart warming despite its very abnormal way of showing love. In a way, you get attached to these girls, always wondering what happened to Polly or even, god forbid, Lisa.

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Girl, Interrupted

Movies | Drama

beautifully written story of awkwardness, romance, hot doctors, and anorexia! my only complaint is that Eli's genuine recovery period is cut really, absolutely short. shes only shown as "recovered" for the last few minutes while the rest of it is her being too stuck up about it for her own good. why would seeing yourself almost die in the desert change anything when you've been almost dying in broad daylight for years? keanu reeves was really hot in it, though.

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To the Bone

Movies | Drama

as always, kathleen glasgow is a staple in the genre of books in which I've dubbed "books for girls who fully believe they have it the absolute worst in the world," and i believe, for most of if not all of her characters, they do have it "the worst"! these characters get absolutely no break, and that's what makes them so captivating. the way self harm is described in Girl In Pieces is stomach turning, yet so beautiful. if anyone in the world understands pain, its kathleen.

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Girl in Pieces

Books | Kathleen Glasgow

theres very few things you can negatively say about laurie halse anderson, shes a pioneer in young adult fiction. without speak, there would be almost zero books that faithfully tell an accurate story to the struggles most women will face in their lifetime. the idea that speak is banned in some learning environments is truly devastating. when given absolutely no support system, who are girls to turn to after being sexually assaulted if not media? what do you gain from removing that media?

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Books | Laurie Halse Anderson

courtney summers, just as an author alone, perfectly understands every moment of pent up teenaged anger she puts into her work. she understands the urge to self implode, scream, and destroy tear everything down before anything else can get to you. this makes her an incredible author who has the capability to reach out and graze the brains of everyone who reads her books. All The Rage is a book which understands how it feels to think you're alone and carrying the weight of the world. that matters.

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All the Rage

Books | Courtney Summers

kate elizabeth russell is one of those devastating authors who uses every word as if she knows its deepest, darkest secrets, and this is something that makes My Dark Vanessa impossible to put down. truly a heart wrenching story that personally took me several weeks to fully process and digest despite the book being just short of 400 pages. somehow, this book manages to be both nauseating and heartwarming at the same time, which is truly amazing and admirable if anything.

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My Dark Vanessa

Books | Kate Elizabeth Russell

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