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Let's shift through the garbage and find some classics


Underrated word and sorcery anime movie by Ghibli - if you like any of their other stuff you'll like this one - Willem Dafoe plays the dark magic villain and he's great

Tales from Earthsea imageTales from Earthsea image

Tales from Earthsea

Movies | Adventure

Great 3rd movie to finish up the Lambs trilogy - Voldemort playing the serial killer tooth fairy was a nice surprise

Red Dragon imageRed Dragon image

Red Dragon

Movies | Crime

Not as good as the first but still excellent

Hannibal imageHannibal image


Movies | Crime

So much better than Xmen: Origins

The Wolverine imageThe Wolverine image

The Wolverine

Movies | Action

Loved it, American classic

'Salem's Lot image'Salem's Lot image

'Salem's Lot

Books | Stephen King

Really good, GRRM expanding on the most interesting house in the series - the Targs

Fire and Blood imageFire and Blood image

Fire and Blood

Books | George R. R. Martin

6 short stories forming an overarching horror story - pretty good

Goblin imageGoblin image


Books | Josh Malerman

Best DC universe movie made so far excluding Batman movies

The Suicide Squad imageThe Suicide Squad image

The Suicide Squad

Movies | Action

Cool worldbuilding with a good mystery attached - Will Smith is Will Smith for better or worse

I, Robot imageI, Robot image

I, Robot

Movies | Action

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