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This book would’ve been a lot better if it were longer. The style is nice and the characters aren’t too cringe but just not much happens.

The Upside of Falling imageThe Upside of Falling image

The Upside of Falling

Books | Alex Light

Thought this was going to be a dark romance. I would barely consider this a romance. Fast-paced and love at first sight with not a lot of build to the relationship. I did like the mystery aspect but it was very predictable.

Black Ice imageBlack Ice image

Black Ice

Books | Becca Fitzpatrick

Cute enemies to lovers high school romance. A decent intro book to the romance genre and good for preteens but the conflicts were resolved too easily for me. It felt like whenever the MC hit a wall, the resolution would just lay itself at her feet and it would end immediately.

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Tweet Cute

Books | Emma Lord

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