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It was really funny! I highly enjoyed watching it. They had good chemistry and I just loved all the dialogue.

The Lost City imageThe Lost City image

The Lost City

Movies | Comedy

It was cute. I enjoyed the voice actors in it though weird hearing alert Davidson out of a dog’s mouth! Not my favorite but was good nonetheless.

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Movies | Animation

If you are a true crime fan and are ok with subtitles or dubbing it’s worth a watch. Such an elaborate crime with the lowest of low criminals. I feel so bad for the victims. There were some dramatic pause moments I could have lived without but besides that a very well made docu.

Cyber Hell: Exposing an Internet Horror imageCyber Hell: Exposing an Internet Horror image

Cyber Hell: Exposing an Internet Horror

Movies | Documentary

What a sick sad POS being this doctor was. I was so angry at the devastation he caused so many families. Then when they mentioned quiver full it all made sense (the Duggars believe in it) but made me feel more sick. They did a good job telling these victims stories. It’s an insane ride.

Our Father imageOur Father image

Our Father

Movies | Documentary

There are 6 episodes and is done in his usual storytelling fashion. He made hard topics a little easier to understand. It just all flowed together great.

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The G Word with Adam Conover

Shows | Documentary

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