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Absolutely awesome book!!! I’ve been in a reading slump recently and this has reinvigorated my love for reading. Tense, filled with real emotions and incredible character building, this book is awesome!!

Dead Water imageDead Water image

Dead Water

Books | C. A. Fletcher

Absolutely hilarious, would watch it ten times over and laugh just as hard, I think!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show imageThe Rocky Horror Picture Show image

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Movies | Comedy

Absolutely wonderful movie!! Some of the language is a touch outdated but if you look past that, it’s a wonderful, uplifting movie that made my evening :)

To Sir, with Love imageTo Sir, with Love image

To Sir, with Love

Movies | Drama

Such a lovely movie!! The ensemble cast really pulled through and the ending twist got me SO good!!!

Murder on the Orient Express imageMurder on the Orient Express image

Murder on the Orient Express

Movies | Drama

How could I have POSSIBLY forgotten to talk about BARBIE on here!!!! This is a must watch!!! It’s a masterpiece and a cultural event!!! I LOVE this movie.

Barbie imageBarbie image


Movies | Comedy

When I say this is my new favorite book. THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE BOOK. I love it SO much. It’s funny, educational, and grabs your attention from the very first page with incredible descriptions and comparisons. If you get an opportunity to read this book, read it!!!

An Immense World imageAn Immense World image

An Immense World

Books | Ed Yong

Absolutely awesome, any D&D nerd is gonna LOVE this, it’s packed full of tropes and fun references and just all around a good movie with great sfx.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves imageDungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves image

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

Movies | Adventure

Sweet sweet movie!! Had me sobbing at the end but it was worth it :)

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Movies | Animation

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