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Okay... So this book is definitely a bit overated but good none the less. The metaphorical language was confusing sometimes especially at the end. But an overall, 7/10

We Were Liars imageWe Were Liars image

We Were Liars

Books | E. Lockhart

I love this movie! Great soundtrack too

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Movies | Animation

9/10 great book. Lots of twists and turns especially had me hooked on the end. It came to a close a bit too quick for so long of a buildup, but it still had a lot of emotion. It seems everything is connected somehow.

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The Guest List

Books | Lucy Foley

The gory parts were so well written I could imagine it quite clearly, interesting concept. A little bit boring at sometimes but usually kept me on the edge of my seat 7/10.

Misery imageMisery image


Books | Stephen King

First off, I definitely thought this book was going to be easily predictable but it really wasn't. The setting was very well described at times and gave me chills at the suspicion. The only problem was that it was a tad bit cliche but I am willing to look past that. I was always captivated and never got bored when reading!! Great book 9/10

The Murder Game imageThe Murder Game image

The Murder Game

Books | Carrie Doyle

The book was okay, had a few twists at thr end and gave an ideal setting of the time.

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The Great Gatsby

Books | Francis Scott Fitzgerald

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