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Sophia Knowles



So well written. Can read it 100 times more.

Gone Girl imageGone Girl image

Gone Girl

Books | Gillian Flynn

"I'm Ann Bitch". This movie is like my go to movie if I wanna just be happy. The best writing. Love love love.

Slow Learners imageSlow Learners image

Slow Learners

Movies | Romance

Whenever I'm down I watch this hopefully movie. Love Diane Lane.

Under the Tuscan Sun imageUnder the Tuscan Sun image

Under the Tuscan Sun

Movies | Romance

The best wonderful to see my favorite guy Eli Wallach.

The Holiday imageThe Holiday image

The Holiday

Movies | Comedy

This is my all time favorite movie. I love love the whole cast. Cameron, Lucy and just everyone was spectacular.

Bad Teacher imageBad Teacher image

Bad Teacher

Movies | Comedy

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