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Best movie. Ever. Literally my favorite, cannot even be challenged. Godly. I watched it twice and I’m obsessed with theo’s life and how tragic it is. It’s so heartbreaking to see his spiral into tragedy and how his life is so traumatic. Love Boris, partly because of Finn wolfhard but also, the book includes all the missing parts that the movie doesn’t include. I can admit, the plot is confusing to people who only watch it once and haven’t read the book. The book fills in all of it. Read it.

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The Goldfinch

Movies | Crime

One of my favorites! Sooooo good I don’t know why people dislike it. The plot was a little predictable but I’m a sucker for lesbian romances. I loved all the characters so much and it almost made me tear up I love it so much

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One Last Stop

Books | Casey McQuiston

Great book! I finished it in 2 days and I was feeling the suspense the whole time. I was trying to think of the killer the whole time and was shocked by the ending, and never saw it coming.

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14 Ways To Die

Books | Vincent Ralph

Excited to read the rest of this series, I love this book and I love the poetry style of it. So interesting I just wish I could develop more of a relationship with the main character.

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Books | Ellen Hopkins

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