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My favourite movie ever. I will watch it again and again and another time. Not only does Lara Croft require strength, she also requires her wit and cunning to get through this adventure. This masterpiece is not only stunning but it brings out the best in the action, mystery, and adventure movies. I will always adore it.

Tomb Raider imageTomb Raider image

Tomb Raider

Movies | Action

I loved it. Go feminism! Not only was it clever but it brought famous actors and actresses into the spin off of Oceans twelve. It proves that women can hit any part of the movie industry. Definitley recommend it to anyone.

Ocean's Eight imageOcean's Eight image

Ocean's Eight

Movies | Crime

It is a great movie to watch with kids, and it definitley made me fall in love with not only Disney movies but also Robin Hood. Though not as thrilling or female fierceness as i would hope, it brings in love, morals, and justice.

Robin Hood imageRobin Hood image

Robin Hood

Movies | Animation

Though it doesnt bring in a lot of history it is a rebellion for the cinema history. Keeping you on the edge of your seat, you follow the twists and turns of this famous legend.

Robin Hood: The Rebellion imageRobin Hood: The Rebellion image

Robin Hood: The Rebellion

Movies | Action

Its perfect to watch again and again. Not just too mention the big names in the movie, it also has you on your toes. This movie also brings in historical accuracy, talking about the crusades and Richard the Lion Heart it is also witty, funny and adventurous. It hooks you in. I love quoting it with my family and friends.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves imageRobin Hood: Prince of Thieves image

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Movies | Adventure

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