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super kid ninja



Loki is the best # loki for life # db cooper

Thor: Ragnarok imageThor: Ragnarok image

Thor: Ragnarok

Movies | Action

I thot this movie was fine it's a 7/10# unpopular opinion # willy Wonka

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory imageCharlie and the Chocolate Factory image

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Movies | Adventure

I love this movie it's a really good time burton movie # Tim burton #action

Alice in Wonderland imageAlice in Wonderland image

Alice in Wonderland

Movies | Family

I love the db cooper case it my favorite unsolved mysterie and this movie is one of the only time we see someobe play db cooper and this is a great movie if your a db cooper fan like me #db cooper ##documentary

The Mystery of D.B. Cooper imageThe Mystery of D.B. Cooper image

The Mystery of D.B. Cooper

Movies | Documentary

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