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Susan Voss



Loves science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, & thrillers. Very much into audiobooks. Fant-SciFi Audiobook Club on Facebook. Histories & Mysteries Audiobook Club on Facebook. Audiobook Addicts on Facebook.


Informative & well laid out. Tough subject but handled with care.

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Kuper Island

Podcasts | News

I waited far too long to enjoy this post-apocalyptic tale of survival & reset. Really enjoyed the SCA and Wiccan references.

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Dies the Fire

Books | S. M. Stirling

Enjoying this political suspense series. Dubbing and subtitles are pretty good.

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Shows | Drama

Really enjoyed this political suspense series. I actually watched it before I even knew about the original Borgen series from a decade ago (with many of the same characters).

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Borgen - Power & Glory

Shows | Drama

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