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If you have read the first book and are hesitant about picking up the 2nd one here is your sign to go grab this book. I say it's better than the first. The most complaints I have seen from the first book are that we don't get an inside depth to the other characters. This book does that not only with the main characters Wyatt, Emyr and Briar but with minor characters like Tessa, Jin, Kadri and more. I love this book so much and the representation it brings to the fantasy genre truly stunning!

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The Fae Keeper

Books | H. E. Edgmon

Just finished reading this book and although slow at first the halfway mark of the book really picks up. Whitaker has got to be one of my favorite characters in this book so much charm and mystery. Definitely an underrated book that people should read.

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Small Favors

Books | Erin A. Craig

Does anyone remember this movie? I remember watching it so many times and I always remember the scene with the talking starfish earrings. This was my childhood!

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