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A gal who was raised watching movies in the 1980’s - 1990’s that usually aired on TNT, TBS, & USA Network 🤣🤣 prior to early 2000’s I loved any and every genre. Ranging from Monster Squad to Grumpy Old Men. Anything after 2005 I usually only enjoy apocalyptic, zombie, syfy, thrillers, & action films.


Because of all the bad reviews I never wanted to see this film. The only reason I even pushed play is because I’d forgotten about this film & wanted to watch it based off the synopsis. I have to say I really enjoyed it! The special effects were great & I usually don’t want to watch Halle Berry films, but I thought she did great. I felt like some of the storyline was written in haste. But, I don’t think it was as bad as people were making it out to bed & I really am regretful I didn’t watch this in a theater.

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Movies | Action

If you enjoyed the zombie film The Dark circa 2018 then you’ll really enjoy this film. Some parts of the end I wasn’t pleased with, but I liked their take on folklore, humanity, etc.

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