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I liked it, though it wasn’t as scary as Chapter One.

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It Chapter Two

Movies | Horror

This book deviates so much from the expected path laid forth by the first book that many people didn’t like it. I loved it. The world felt VAST, as it should. I never felt like the gang wasn’t part of the real world because of this. Characters grew and one character I don’t like at least became someone I can understand and value. That’s good writing. Plus, the book is FUN! I find myself smiling or laughing, arguing aloud with the characters, planning a trip, whenever I re-read it. 🧡

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Wayward Son

Books | Rainbow Rowell

This book pokes fun at so many tropes while employing several of them wonderfully. I regularly come back to it because the characters are so realistic, I miss them. Especially Baz and Penelope. ❤️

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Carry On

Books | Rainbow Rowell

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