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The storyline was very good, I would definitely suggest giving this a try.

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Movies | Drama

This is one of those creepy vibe movies. I did mark it as I liked it but it didn't have enough added to it for me. It wasn't totally what I expected. You be the judge 🙂

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In This Very Moment

Movies | Drama

I had to watch this for my German horror class. Let me say, yes it is in German, but the storyline is awesome! It definitely threw me for a loop the first time around.

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Movies | Horror

As macabre as the topic is, Caitlin makes this easy to read. Its helped me as well, I had death anxiety but after reading this, I have improved. Her wit, knowledge and humor makes the book great!

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Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Books | Caitlin Doughty

I have a lot of nights where they become sleepless nights, whether it's stress related, I forget my night meds or I just can't sleep. Nights like those there is no chance of sleep unless I turn on a meditation podcast. There are so many meditation episodes to choose from and they're meant for different issues as well. Tl;dr .......listen to this if you can't sleep, it really helps!

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Guided Sleep Meditations

Podcasts | Self-Help

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