Tatiana Zemlicka


8.5/10 Very cute, very sad, I enjoyed it.

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Books | Courtney Summers

10/10 TEN OUT OF TEN. This was an absolute classic. The perfect mystery book for a middle school and I LOVED how the narrator would talk back to us. It was such a fun read

The Name of this Book Is Secret imageThe Name of this Book Is Secret image

The Name of this Book Is Secret

Books | Pseudonymous Bosch

Um, read this in high school. Remember it being cute, but that’s about it. Not memorable at all so… 7/10

Boy Meets Boy imageBoy Meets Boy image

Boy Meets Boy

Books | David Levithan

Uh… why are you here twice? This is the cover I read

One of Us Is Lying imageOne of Us Is Lying image

One of Us Is Lying

Books | Karen M. McManus

Ahh, what a classic. 10/10 THE ENDING 😭 that’s all I have to say about this masterpiece of a book

Every Day imageEvery Day image

Every Day

Books | David Levithan

9/10 I had a love hate relationship with this book haha. When books are in first person I tend to incorporate myself in the story and it was so easy to do since I could relate to a T, well almost. The Kath did some dumb stuff, which would make me mad because I wouldn’t do that lol. I played myself

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Books | Rainbow Rowell

7.5/10 Would’ve been a higher rating if the ending was better SLIGHT SPOILERS: I saw the murderer coming, I guessed it in the first couple of pages and just wish it would’ve been someone more surprising like SPOILER actually one of the four :/

One Of Us Is Lying imageOne Of Us Is Lying image

One Of Us Is Lying

Books | Karen McManus

10/10 again, read this in middle school and at the time it was my favorite book. The only book I’ve ever reread. I think it’s such a real and beautiful story.

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Books | Donna Cooner

10/10 INCREDIBLE!!! I read this at such a young age (12-14) so I definitely want to reread it. The adrenaline rush + the type of ending that rewrites the entire story!? I love it

You've Been Warned imageYou've Been Warned image

You've Been Warned

Books | James Patterson

10/10 my favorite book. I love POVs, two stories going on at once, lovable characters, questioning morals, and plot twists left and right with a dash of romance. What more could I want. HUGE tear jerker

The Storyteller imageThe Storyteller image

The Storyteller

Books | Jodi Picoult

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