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The second book in the YOU series. The show varies slightly from the source material but not in a bad way. The book at times felt a little long when covering anything with Forty. But keeps the eery hide under the covers spirit that the first book gave. #spookyseason #murderouslover

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Hidden Bodies

Books | Caroline Kepnes

A slow physco-thriller good for to dip your toe into the suspense horror genre. Not to intense but not appropriate for kids at all! #slowburn #notforchildren

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Movies | Horror

A playful romantic comedy without all the tears. Good for a night where you’re in the mood for a casual romance. #romantic_comedy

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The Holiday

Movies | Comedy

Great for older kids looking to maintain interest in reading. Awesome for girls who love action, adventure movies and wants a strong female lead to look up to. While the story is interesting the style is abrupt and less likely to hold the attention of adults for more than one read. #older_teen #readthebookfirst

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The Hunger Games

Books | Suzanne Collins

Only Murders in the Building is a great blend of Gomez’s serious tones and the golden comedic duo of Martin & Short. A suspenseful mystery that’ll keep you up wondering just who dun’ it. But with enough balance you won’t be scared to sleep in the dark. The episodes are set up like a podcasts so if you HATE podcasts it may not be your cup of tea. #murdermystery #martinshort #stevemartin #selenagomez

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Only Murders in the Building

Shows | Comedy

A GREAT book for the video game, D&D 80’s film fanatic. Ready Player One serves an intense 80’s love affair and brings out the inner child with constant throwbacks. A great transitional read for the video game lovers but some of the references could be confusing if not well versed in past pop culture . #greataudiobook #throwback #nothinglikethemovie #readthebookfirst

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Ready Player One

Books | Ernest Cline

A quirky upbeat movie for the entire family. Ryan Reynolds plays himself and I am here for it! Be prepared for occasional cussing and expect this to not be a good movie, but a great one. #video_games #ryan_reynolds

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Free Guy

Movies | Action

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