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It was an okay book. I listened to the audio book and for some reason the narrator just made it really hard to follow until like the last 10 minutes. It'll only take about 2 hours to get through but those two hours you need to really pay attention or you won't understand what's happening. I do believe it was good writing just bad narration.

How Good Is Good Enough? imageHow Good Is Good Enough? image

How Good Is Good Enough?

Books | Andy Stanley

There were a few moments in this book where I thought it would turn into a cliche poorly written teenage book but I stuck with it till the end and I now realize it's a good book. I would rate it four out of five stars the ending made me a little upset just because it could have gone a much better way but I still enjoyed this book

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Don't You Trust Me?

Books | Patrice Kindl

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