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Holy crap this book is SO good. I read the entire thing in a DAY because of how enthralled I was. The way the plot was paced, the character development, all of it was phenomenal. I can’t recommend this enough if you are looking for a fantasy novel with LGBT representation. I immediately purchased books 2 & 3 because I simply HAD to read them before picking up anything else.

Carry On imageCarry On image

Carry On

Books | Rainbow Rowell

A decent read, I figured out the plot really fast so I kind of just forced myself through it. The plot seems exposition heavy and overall the book is slow paced, but if you’re looking for a quick read, it’s worth a shot.

To Kill a Kingdom imageTo Kill a Kingdom image

To Kill a Kingdom

Books | Alexandra Christo

There is so much I could say about how much I loved this book. I didn’t want to put it down. The love they shared was something incredibly precious and I highly encourage everyone to read this book. You will cry your eyes out, but it’s entirely worth it.

The Song of Achilles imageThe Song of Achilles image

The Song of Achilles

Books | Madeline Miller

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