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Tell me what’s ya favorite favorite scary movie👻🔪🩸


Literally traumatizing and I only watched it twice and I took me a whole year to build up the courage to watch it again also made me looked differently on different types of drug addiction. But yea I won’t say much I jus warning you know what u getting into with dis movie GUARANTEE THE SADDEST MOVIE IVE SEEN🥲😖😔

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Requiem for a Dream

Movies | Crime

I fell in love with this hidden gem on dvd and I call this movie a acquired taste because I wasn’t really messing with it the first time but i kept watching and I love the movie now for its comedy and ahead of its time when it was made also Bruce Willis was surprisingly funny and i thought he was really cool. But overall definitely give it a watch if u want a zany fun time with your self or friends and family 😄😉 #fiction #comedy #science_fiction

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The Fifth Element

Movies | Adventure

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