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I read this book in less than 24 hours due to it’s hype and all. I surmise that the hype was just due to the fact that Verity’s character is being portrayed as a twisted psychopath from her autobiographical manuscript. However, towards the end there’s this haphazardly added twist ending to perhaps try and make the readers question the conclusive thoughts they might have harboured from all the encounters amongst the characters. What’s more puzzling to me while reading all the reviews as I’m trying to ponder why all the hype? I have yet to come across to one review or comment that mentions any similarities to what I have in mind. Right from the get-go, why do I think that Jeremy is actually the more twisted Psychopath here. Verity could very well be a psychopath too and Lowen sure seems like a sociopath to me, but Jeremy is ultimately the most twisted among the three of them. Additionally, the eroticism in some scenes just doesn’t go with the whole story though. It makes me think of how sick they all are and how ****** up it must have been to have minds like these three have. But I mean, aren’t we all ****** up in the head? Nevertheless, it’s a good book to make a Psychological report on - to dissect each of the three characters (Lowen, Jeremy, and Verity)

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It’s kind of like an underdog story. I’m digging it.

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If You Find Me

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