The blizzard



One of the greatest books I’ve read in a bit. I had this in my list for a while and had read some bad reviews but I LOVED THIS. I was looking forward to reading this everyday when I got home and I ordered the second one. I definitely recommend. I typically don’t even read this genre, but I loved this. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Once Upon A Broken Heart imageOnce Upon A Broken Heart image

Once Upon A Broken Heart

Books | Stephanie Garber

This book was fantastic. The author is brilliant and you can tell that so much research went into this book. The characters were so well thought out and the writing is beautiful. It’s full of so many amazing quotes too. Do yourself a favour and read this one. It is a cross between historical and contemporary with the perfect mix of romance and plot. The main character (Elias) is so well-spoken and I haven’t read a book this beautiful.

Dearest Josephine imageDearest Josephine image

Dearest Josephine

Books | Caroline George

This books was a rollercoaster. It was full of plot while still having a perfect amount of romance. The two main characters were so great. This is a tearjerker though. I will admit I cried throughout this book. The author is really good at pulling you in. (Lottie) the best friend of Ryn (the main girl) is awesome which only makes her fate every harder to read, but trust me, it’s worth it.

The Chaos of Standing Still imageThe Chaos of Standing Still image

The Chaos of Standing Still

Books | Jessica Brody

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