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I watch a lot of stuff and things, mostly with my lovely girlfriend. She has better taste than me apparently, but whatever.


One of my favorites, I'm admittedly biased though seeing as how I love early Affleck and Damon. I'd probably get slapped by a lot of you for saying this, but seeing Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes in this as additional cast would have made my life better. If you like my opinion then I recommend watching Dogma.

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Good Will Hunting

Movies | Drama

On a Cary Grant thing at the moment. Another good old one though!

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His Girl Friday

Movies | Comedy

So good. Antony Starr is better in this than in the Boys, and I love that show and Homelander so that should be an indicator to his talent in this series. Watch it!

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Shows | Crime

I loved it. A great modern SciFi movie about redemption and human psychological development/growth that kept me interested without the use of any crazy monsters, spaceship fillers, or insane laser fights.

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Movies | Science Fiction

Excellent crime drama, thrilling action and plot. Liev Schreiber and Eddie Marsan make the show worth watching alone in my opinion.

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Ray Donovan

Shows | Drama

I liked this. Too bad he's a piece of trash void of accountability in real life.

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Shows | Comedy

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