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Latina. Booknerd. Perpetual learner. Texan. Instagram: @theveronicareview


In Yearbook, Seth Rogen - actor, writer, producer, filmmaker, comedian, vase extraordinaire - shares a number of different memories from his youth, career, & adult life that may elicit serious thought or may send you into a fit of laughter. Either way, the experience is enjoyable.

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Books | Seth Rogen

The blurb on the cover says this book feels like a hug - and that is one thousand percent true.

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Fat Chance, Charlie Vega

Books | Crystal Maldonado

With references to Sherlock Holmes and with a basis in a real life murder case, Murder in Old Bombay is a brilliant and fast-paced murder mystery that involves romance, blackmail, treason, war, and so much more.

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Murder in Old Bombay

Books | Nev March

His Only Wife is a brilliant narrative that discusses family dynamics, gender roles, society, prejudice, and inner perspective. It is an emotional & mental ride from start to finish.

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His Only Wife

Books | Peace Adzo Medie

Tokyo Ever After is great, it's fun, it's pretty fast paced, but it has such a beautiful message underneath it all & I highly recommend it!

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Tokyo Ever After

Books | Emiko Jean

Definitely pick it up for your next road trip, visit to the beach, or just for when you want some light reading at the end of a long day.

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Mary Jane: a Novel

Books | Jessica Anya Blau

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