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Thomas Andrucson



Caught an episode from one of the later seasons, recognized some people from 3rd rock from the sun and was intrigued. So far I've watched the first 2ish seasons on Netflix and am still enjoying it.

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Shows | Comedy

The first 25 minutes felt kind of rough, thought about stopping and watching something else. I'm glad I kept watching though, I really liked it, the songs were good too.

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Movies | Animation

When I finished watching it, I had a smile on my face and a warm heart (in the good emotional way not just because of the greasy pizza I had been eating)

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Love on the Road

Movies | TV Movie

Silly but clever, after watching a few Steve Carell movies recently this was great.

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Space Force

Shows | Comedy

A very shmoopy romantic romp, loved it. Very heartwarming.

Cupids on Beacon Street imageCupids on Beacon Street image

Cupids on Beacon Street

Movies | Comedy

Watched the whole series, great all the way through.

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New Girl

Shows | Comedy

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