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Thomas Wagner



I love anime, books, and drawing. To be completely honest I could read an entire 400 page book in two days but i can spell even if my life depended upon it.


It's a great anime to watch, the animation style is incredible.

Sirius the Jaeger imageSirius the Jaeger image

Sirius the Jaeger

Shows | Action & Adventure

Although it differs from the manga it is still an amazing watch, with plenty of action and storytelling.

Soul Eater imageSoul Eater image

Soul Eater

Shows | Action & Adventure

It's a great podcast, it has a weird atmosphere and if you like putting together clues, this is definitely the one for you.

Welcome to Night Vale imageWelcome to Night Vale image

Welcome to Night Vale

Podcasts | Comedy

I absolutely love the Magnus archives, is definitely something that will keep you listening for hours on end.#horror

The Magnus Archives imageThe Magnus Archives image

The Magnus Archives

Podcasts | Literature

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