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Tiffany Schroeder



Not only is this show nostalgia from my younger years, but it’s also a timeless one for me. I turn it on every Fall as a backdrop to my cozy fall mornings, pumpkin loaf baking & morning coffee with cinnamon & maple syrup. Me and some of my closest friends share this in common. By September we’re all talking about which episode we’re on & what made that day, the perfect fall feeling day to start.

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Gilmore Girls

Shows | Comedy

AMAZINGLY done! Phenomenal acting & cinematography. The story line is captivating. The lead actress is one you can’t look away from… she tells a story, she makes you believe it and want to engulf yourself in it. I’ve talked to multiple people who talked about the feeling they had when the show ended and how they just wanted to hit replay from the start. Definitely one to rewatch again & again and recommend to friends.

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The Queen's Gambit

Shows | Drama

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