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I was not ready for the emotional roller-coaster that was this story. I'm not an emotional guy at all, but this definitely had me cutting a few onions. Think Nicholas Sparks. Possibly my favorite romance novel.

The Last Letter imageThe Last Letter image

The Last Letter

Books | Rebecca Yarros

Really well done. Jenna Ortega is a star. Enjoyed the mystery and the look of the show. My only issue is that I have no interest in seeing Wednesday Addams in a relationship. I get why they did it, but this show and especially this character doesn't need it. She's intriguing enough.

Wednesday imageWednesday image


Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

While the romance was a bit too Hallmark for me, it was a nice story of a woman learning to accept and love herself.

A Pumpkin and a Patch imageA Pumpkin and a Patch image

A Pumpkin and a Patch

Books | Jennifer Peel

Very well acted film. I really enjoyed it, but it was pretty obvious right away what was happening so the mystery of it fell flat for me.

Don't Worry Darling imageDon't Worry Darling image

Don't Worry Darling

Movies | Thriller

I didn't care for this book, but I'm recommending it because I know a lot of you will. I couldn't stand Jackson and his constant smiling, persistence, and his handling of things with Myles. I know the ladies will love him though.

Mine Would Be You imageMine Would Be You image

Mine Would Be You

Books | K. Jamila

It was decent, but the author dropped the ball a little bit because it could have been great. Too many useless characters, the same inner monologs repeated in every chapter. It had a fun ending and both characters were likeable.

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Books | Savannah Scott

Easy, fun read. 2 very likeable and relatable characters. Didn't want it to end.

How to Kiss Your Best Friend imageHow to Kiss Your Best Friend image

How to Kiss Your Best Friend

Books | Jenny Proctor

Legitimately funny story with 2 very likeable characters. Nice to read about people that genuinely like each other instead of a woman falling for a man who treats her like garbage, which is what I've been running into a lot and lead me to stop reading for a while.

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Books | Kortney Keisel

Easy, fun read. The ending was kind of ridiculous, but I would still recommend it. Just be prepared for how melodramatic Ethan is at times.

Fighting Chance imageFighting Chance image

Fighting Chance

Books | Lea Coll

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