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@cindy_b I really like the episode where Escobar has his own prison built that has his own rules. He can bring women, food, and any luxury he wants there. It shows the power that he had over the Columbian government at the time.

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@debra_wolf My favorite part in the film is certainly the fight scene between the Hulk and Thor. Thor doesn't want to hurt the Hulk and the Hulk is king of that ring, so losing isn't an option when the the crowd is cheering him on. Thor is forced to fight him, and does a wonderful job.

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Thor: Ragnarok

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@emily_mcmurphy I don't have a favorite episode, I really enjoy the beginning of the show though. I love how it introduces Nancy and how she is struggling with life. I love how it introduces her selling of pot and the comedy that's sprinkled throughout. I love Andy's and Doug's interactions with Nancy. Those are the funniest moments.

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