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Perfect movie ending to a great horror Trilogy! It made me want to start the whole thing all over again.

Fear Street: 1666 imageFear Street: 1666 image

Fear Street: 1666

Movies | Horror

Fantastic horror trilogy. Amazing characters in another timeline and the soundtrack does not disappoint!

Fear Street: 1978 imageFear Street: 1978 image

Fear Street: 1978

Movies | Horror

This Trilogy is deadly! Pun intended. Highly recommend for any horror fan who also enjoyed Stranger Things, especially for the first film in the trilogy.

Fear Street: 1994 imageFear Street: 1994 image

Fear Street: 1994

Movies | Horror

This series is a luscious visual drink for your eyes. The use of colour theory is outstanding. The art direction, the costumes, the cinematography - just everything! The entire cast is wonderful. Cynthia Nixon and Sarah Paulson give me life! Judy Davis and Finn Wittrock are incredible. If you haven't yet, you must watch this show.

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