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Definitely did more with the characters than in the first series, and accomplished what it was trying to. Though the final episode was way too drawn out and probably could have been reduced a lot, overall the story made a lot more sense. Definitely was more tame than the original one though.

Kakegurui Twin imageKakegurui Twin image

Kakegurui Twin

Shows | Animation

This movie is easily the best thriller I've seen, with its gore, sound, and acting being some of the best of its time. It's chaotic and nihilistic to see a bunch of average people turn into the worst versions of themselves just to survive. And that ending. Easily the most unexpected and emotional endings of all time. The fact that this movie is rated only 65% on Rotten Tomatoes proves that rating is complete ********.

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The Mist

Movies | Horror

Probably the best coming of age movie I've ever seen, if not the best movie I've seen period. The imagery and surrealism are all amazing, the sound's amazing, everything's amazing. As an LGBTQ+ member it really hurts in a personal way.

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Closet Monster

Movies | Drama

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