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Just finished this show on Hulu! Very funny show

Lucas Bros Moving Co imageLucas Bros Moving Co image

Lucas Bros Moving Co


Just finished this movie! I'm not a huge Marvel fan because I think the movies are extremely long but I always loved the movies that Tobey played Spider Man in! It's rumored that he'll be in the NEW Spider-Man so I decided I'll watch the rest of the movies and I LOVED this one! I'll be watching Part 2 soon.

The Amazing Spider-Man imageThe Amazing Spider-Man image

The Amazing Spider-Man

Movies | Action

[Spoiler] Did I miss something?? Did Lena kill Emily's parents?? Bc at the end of the movie they didn't reunite her with her parents.

Mommy is a Murderer imageMommy is a Murderer image

Mommy is a Murderer

Movies | Thriller

This movie was actually funny lol I liked it

Our Idiot Brother imageOur Idiot Brother image

Our Idiot Brother

Movies | Comedy

Grace you should've left him the moment he shot at you!

Sleeping with Danger imageSleeping with Danger image

Sleeping with Danger


Just finished this movie on Netflix! Really good. Why did they proceed to shoot Blink?! He was unarmed!!! Blink was so talented!

Cut Throat City imageCut Throat City image

Cut Throat City

Movies | Action

Finally finished this show on Netflix! It's sad how these teens went through so much all because people were overly GREEDY for money!

Greenhouse Academy imageGreenhouse Academy image

Greenhouse Academy

Shows | Drama

Finished this show last night! Loved it! Very funny show! Of course Loretta Devine is always going to bring it! 5 Star show for me! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Family Reunion imageFamily Reunion image

Family Reunion

Shows | Comedy

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