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Film Buff, Social Worker & Cat Dad! ☕🏳️‍🌈


A captivating show with great performances all around!

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Shows | Crime

Nathan Lane & Robin Williams are a once in a lifetime comedic pairing. A fun and wonderful story of acceptance, love and being authentic to your true self, in spite of the reactions of others. Themes and jokes still hold up as if it was made yesterday. Must watch!

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The Birdcage

Movies | Comedy

As a blossoming bisexual kid, having a guy who can be vulnerable and sing and still ultimately be seen as a good man in Aladdin was really important for me to see. Aladdin was a role model for me in many ways. Also, Robin Williams obviously steals the show as Genie. Timeless classic and the favorite animated Disney movie!

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Movies | Animation

The perfect movie for me. All creators involved knew exactly what they wanted this movie to be and went for it! Wonderful coming of age movie with an ironically timelines charm and message.

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Back to the Future

Movies | Adventure

Being born in 97, this is my first movie that I really remember and what a start! The animation is revolutionary for the time. The voice work of all involved (especially Hanks & Allen) is excellent. Just an absolute classic and a must watch for anyone who likes animation!

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Toy Story

Movies | Animation

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