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It's so cute! At first it seems like some ordinary comic styled book but out of no where there's a gay character! And then his twin is also gay, he just didn't know it!! Bro I don't know why but when I went to my local library and picked this out only to think it was an ordinary book and find out it had mentions of being gay and a gay kissing scene EKEKFBDMDH bro I died. I'd recommend if your into like acting, drama (as in plays and stuff) LGBTQIA+,bxb, etc. :)))

Drama: A Graphic Novel imageDrama: A Graphic Novel image

Drama: A Graphic Novel

Books | Raina Telgemeier

I haven't finished it yet but I'm so close to. Bro this book- 100/10. Although there are some mature (13-18+) scenes/writing, it's an over all good book. I'd recommend if your into past royals and just I don't know like- into royals, historical fiction, history, fiction, royal historical fiction. Etc lol

The Boleyn Inheritance imageThe Boleyn Inheritance image

The Boleyn Inheritance

Books | Philippa Gregory

Gay. So cute. In love. Stan Nellie. 100/10. Would recommend

Heartstopper Volume 1 imageHeartstopper Volume 1 image

Heartstopper Volume 1

Books | Alice Oseman

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