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Usagi Werd



Read it thought yeah I guise it was a good love story

Fight Club: A Novel imageFight Club: A Novel image

Fight Club: A Novel

Books | Chuck Palahniuk

This is a collection of stories that fit a theme alright the stories show case humanities fauliure and how we ad humans are very intersting story

Under the Air imageUnder the Air image

Under the Air

Books | Osamu Tezuka

Thought this book had alot going for it and I liked it alot starting to read again

The Celery Stalks At Midnight imageThe Celery Stalks At Midnight image

The Celery Stalks At Midnight

Books | James Howe

I personally liked this better than big mouth because it felt fleshed and devolved and the story made sense. Big mouth seemed like they were rushing and coming up with ideas on the fly making a mess of a story with no end goal while this show takes everything that show set up and actually applies it to a real arc and charecter progression.

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Human Resources

Shows | Animation

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