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I've watched some episodes and it really showcases small candian lifestyles to a tee

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Who would have guised the @billgates would aftualy be on likewise. And who would have guised that his life story is so intersting. I think the best part is how he used to be about bussiness vs bussiness and the growth of the world of technology, he still does that but to a different realm, the one of vaccines and Healthcare and the possibility of a dangerous tomorrow, which idk if we are in it now but Bill life has been very intersting to bad for his bitch ex wife. She's as bad as Dr dreXwife

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Bill Gates A Tycoon Story

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He talks to himself in the mirror. Yay

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Dexter: New Blood


So this man who can't walk makes Paul rudd touch wein. Based Selina gonez also smokes twice hot

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The Fundamentals of Caring

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The hulk fucks a dead lady who in. A coma 10/10

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Just Like Heaven

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Scarface what can I say . This movie I watched on shrooms. The description says it's a story of greed. I dont belive that. It's a story of a man who loved so much and wanted the world. He let himself fall from grace due to his own morals and how he wanted the best for everyone even if he never knew he was the bad guy. If al Pacino can make me care and visually be interged in the movie than it deserves a watch from people who enjoy films

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