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Reading is my therapy <3 I love horror, mystery, fantasy and you can’t beat the classics


Such a Classic Book, I think everyone should read this book at least sometime in their life, the characters are incredible and at e memorable at least for me.

To Kill a Mockingbird LP imageTo Kill a Mockingbird LP image

To Kill a Mockingbird LP

Books | Harper Lee

Was actually not bad, definitely could be slow if you weren’t hooked with the first book there were moments it caught a few and the ending was Interesting to say the least. A part of the ending was like “seriously” but overall not bad at all :)

Blood & Honey imageBlood & Honey image

Blood & Honey

Books | Shelby Mahurin

Such a Funny Movie, originally I was nervous because I’ve always loved the original jumanji but this was so enjoyable and fun to watch, it wasn’t like the original at all, concept the same but different story experience.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle imageJumanji: Welcome to the Jungle image

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Movies | Action

One of my favorites, you Definitely fall in love with the characters. This movie definitely deserves more love.

Tangled imageTangled image


Movies | Animation

Love the original Alice in Wonderland. This was still very well made. Not the best in the world you can live without watching it, but it is a cool way on making a live action Alice in Wonderland so I’m not mad.

Alice in Wonderland imageAlice in Wonderland image

Alice in Wonderland

Movies | Family

Needs more love. I don’t see much mythology movies and this really made it enjoyable, if it wasn’t for this movie I would never have wanted anything to do with mythology but now it’s my favorite. Plus the songs are catchy.

Hercules imageHercules image


Movies | Animation

Emma Watson did a beautiful job at playing Belle. I was nervous at first but this is one of my favorite Disney live actions, doesn’t disappoint.

Beauty and the Beast imageBeauty and the Beast image

Beauty and the Beast

Movies | Family

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