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Reading is my therapy <3 I love horror, mystery, fantasy and you can’t beat the classics -Working on a book, want to publish it in 2023-


This book was so emotional, but so good. There were times I could relate and I don’t want to say spoilers but it was a beautiful book. I didn’t expected the very end but I completely enjoyed it, thaught it was a smart happy ending and I do recommend this book. There is triggers though with sexual assault, and abuse, along with there are some sex scenes so just be aware if you want to read it.

It Ends with Us imageIt Ends with Us image

It Ends with Us

Books | Colleen Hoover

Was actually a really good book, I kept going back and forth on the murder mystery, about who done it and in the end still wasn’t right. I’m excited to read it again and see if I catch any clues it places. The book isn’t scary at all infact it was very vanilla when it came to thrill but it was a very good mystery, would recommend if you don’t want something scary but want to read a murder mystery.

The Butterfly House imageThe Butterfly House image

The Butterfly House

Books | Katrine Engberg

So good! So much better then the first one, this books defiantly puts you on a emotional roller coaster, I have a love hate relationship to this series but can’t get enough of it.

The Wicked King imageThe Wicked King image

The Wicked King

Books | Holly Black

Such a Beautiful Book, it completely hit home for me and was a slow burn romance 100%. I recommend this book very much!!!

Redeeming Love imageRedeeming Love image

Redeeming Love

Books | Francine Rivers

Overall it was not a bad book, although if you are sensitive to bullying it may not be the book for you. I would say near the end it got the most interesting but the beginning and middle was alright, I put the book down a lot and couldn’t read it in one sitting but I was able to finish it and am willing to read the next book.

The Cruel Prince imageThe Cruel Prince image

The Cruel Prince

Books | Holly Black

This was actually a really good book, I hope Stephanie is making another book to go with this one because I need to know more about what’s going to happen. I had already loved the Caraval series which is still my favorite but Stephanie never disappoints me. Love her writing

Once Upon a Broken Heart imageOnce Upon a Broken Heart image

Once Upon a Broken Heart

Books | Stephanie Garber

Was actually not bad, definitely could be slow if you weren’t hooked with the first book there were moments it caught a few and the ending was Interesting to say the least. A part of the ending was like “seriously” but overall not bad at all :)

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Blood & Honey

Books | Shelby Mahurin

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