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Andrea Paola Arocho



Just a teenager with way to much time on her hands .


it’s a pretty good book, if you liked “to all the boys i loved before” you’ll like this . It’s a quick and fun read.

The Upside of Falling imageThe Upside of Falling image

The Upside of Falling

Books | Alex Light

Oh my god ! Such a good book . I read it in within 3 days and that was due to interruptions . I love their relationship .Sam is so pure he deserves the world . Penny and sam are lowkey opposites but at the same time exacly the same , it’s weird . I hope the author writes a sequel , i need to know what happens next ! 100% recommend!

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Emergency Contact

Books | Mary H. K. Choi

This movie made me fear the outside world and also made me so sad , i think i went to sleep crying LMAO.

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The Lovely Bones

Movies | Fantasy

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