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Just a bookish and childish nerd with a penchant for high fantasy and cartoons. I have to specify cartoons and not anime because surprisingly I’m not an anime person. At least I haven’t found my vibe with it yet anyway. I enjoy works that don’t take themselves seriously. Especially books. Fantasy with an overall tone of silliness is my jam. Sometimes, I do find something serious that I enjoy but most of the time I’m hunting for ridiculousness.


The overarching plot of a battle royale for godhood and specific god powers was intriguing to me. I will say that the read requires mild knowledge of greek mythology and assumes you know quite a few nuances. The extent of my greek mythology knowledge prior to reading this was Disney’s Hercules. I spent a lot of time researching who people were and what they did and the significance of their relationships with each other. My interest in the story was far more simplistic than what was actually provided. There’s a lot of interpersonal relationship navigating and a strong sense of feminism kneaded into the plot which I enjoyed. There’s also a romance that felt shoehorned in and was quickly introduced and resolved. I don’t really enjoy romance in any media I consume. So, I appreciated the distinct lack of it up to that point and the brevity of its existence in the narrative.

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