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It might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most.


I wanted to read the book that coined the term "metaverse". Did not expect a highly imaginative thriller, a Dan Brown-esque anthropological / religious "conspiracy theory", and accessible prose. Absolutely fascinating and a mind-bending read!

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Snow Crash

Books | Neal Stephenson

The first podcast I've ever listened to consistently. Kara is a very matter of fact interviewer who focuses on tech and society with a long lineup of powerhouse guests. Listen to the Bob Iger interview from Jan 27, 2022!

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Podcasts | Society & Culture

All hail Murderbot! No, seriously, though. Very approachable and readable book about a Security Bot who, despite not needing to follow orders anymore, decides to continue the charade of taking security contracts (while binge watching shows). Quick and entertaining read.

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All Systems Red

Books | Martha Wells

I picked this book up by chance and couldn't put it down. It's sort of like... what would Alice do if she spent years in Wonderland, returned to London, then couldn't go back to Wonderland? What if the Pevensie siblings were exiled from Narnia? How would they reacclimate to being back in our world where everyone else thought they were spouting nonsense? That's where this book starts, and is then layered by various characters and a murder mystery. Fun little read!

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Every Heart a Doorway

Books | Seanan McGuire

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