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The horror, yes. The stories, yes. The lessons taught, yes. Everything, yes. Yes, yes, yes! This was great, just like all of junji Ito's manga. Go read and have fun now:)

Venus in the Blind Spot imageVenus in the Blind Spot image

Venus in the Blind Spot

Books | Junji Ito

A light read yes, but a good one. Scratch that, a great one. I had a lot of fun relating to the main character and understanding his hardships. If you're in the mood for a short read manga, go pick this book up and read it. There are some explicit scenes but dont worry, they all have meaning behind them. I was astonished at how much this taught me and how much I thought about it after reading. Go read it now! Oh, and have fun:)

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Books | Inio Asano

An incredible book. I myself dont do much reading on history, for I think its boring, but this book was very enjoyable. This series of books is the one you want to look for if you're ever in need of information about the holocaust. It really is incredible and you learn many things that you wouldnt in school. I do reccomend. Have much fun:)

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Books | Elie Wiesel

I'm going to be honest with you, I dropped this boom halfway through. It wasnt the book, oh no, it was me. This book had a great ending and I loved the concept. I will warn you, there are a lot of names to remember so try to do that haha. I did enjoy this book overall and if there was another I would totally read it. Have fun:)

Ones and Zeroes imageOnes and Zeroes image

Ones and Zeroes

Books | Dan Wells

I'm not normally into reading too many books like this but I enjoyed it. I didnt like it as much as my normal mystery books, but that doesnt take away from how nicely written this book was overall. I do reccomend. Now, have fun:)

Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus imageInsignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus image

Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus

Books | Dusti Bowling

This book just like any of Karen's books were great, they brought me back to when I was just getting into mystery:). I laughed at this book a lot so have fun with the comedic parts, you know, enjoy them. The ending to this book I feel was so carefully planned out that it was astonishing, even for me. If you're looking for a little take me back, or you're just starting with mystery, I highly reccomend this book. Once again, have fun:)

Two Can Keep a Secret imageTwo Can Keep a Secret image

Two Can Keep a Secret

Books | Karen M. McManus

This book really was something. I was theorizing constantly, and now I realize that I probably shouldn't have been lol. I ended up predicting the end:(. Now me predicting the end of books seems to be normal now, but I was genuinely hoping it would surprise me haha. It was a great book and I enjoyed the small laughable bits in it. I overanalyze everything so as long as you dont do that you should be fine when hearing about the conclusion to the mystery. a great starting mystery book, have fun:)

One of Us Is Lying imageOne of Us Is Lying image

One of Us Is Lying

Books | Karen M. McManus

I enjoyed this book a lot. It was a good read altogether. It did get boring in the middle but if you do read it and think of dropping it, I promise it gets better. Just hold out, you'll be glad you read it in the end. A fenominal mystery that actually had me confused. Have fun with this read, you might be disappointed by the ending but that is only down to preference and view point. I was not, but some people were, be prepared to accept your fate:)

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Universal Harvester

Books | John Darnielle

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