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Honestly this book gets even better than the first one. The depth that this book goes into is amazing. The story continues where it last left off in book 1 and let me just say I had tears in my eyes the entire time. The book had shocking plot twists and had a nice strength of LGBTQ+ characters. #lgbtq #fantasy_and_magic #strangers_to_lovers #girls #power

Girls of Storm and Shadow imageGirls of Storm and Shadow image

Girls of Storm and Shadow

Books | Natasha Ngan

This book was lit. It's about 2 lesbian concubines who overthrow an empire. Defiently recommend reading. This book tore my heart to pieces, fixed it, and then broke it all over again. You should definitely read it. A strangers to lovers book. Go read it. #fantasy_and_magic #lesbians #strangers_to_lovers

Girls of Paper and Fire imageGirls of Paper and Fire image

Girls of Paper and Fire

Books | Natasha Ngan

If booktok hasn't convinced you yet, trust me and read it. You won't regret it

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We Were Liars

Books | E. Lockhart

Its a historical fiction book about a girl who's family disowns her and then is taken in by another family. This book showcases the hardships that one had to go through during the Great Depression

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The Four Winds

Books | Kristin Hannah

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